Looking for our sustainable sewing items in the store? Head over there now. Sewing is at the heart of the haberdashery shop at The Habderdasher Bee. here is a collection of all our specifically-sewing posts.

My reusable advent calendar hanging up ready for December

Making A Reusable Advent Calendar

December is nearly here and it’ll soon be time to get your Christmas decorations out, if you haven’t already. The shops will soon be out of advent calendars, but don’t worry because you can make your own really quite easily.

Scrap and leftover yarn is useful for projects including Innocent's Big Knit campaign

Scrap Busting Projects For Christmas Decorating

Making things for around the house is a great way to use up offcuts and leftover yarn, turning it into something you’ll use on a regular basis. While many of these makes can be used year round, winter (and Christmas in particular) is the time of year that we spend the most time inside and so it’s possible you’ll get more use from some items in this post during this time.

Leather working can be a great mindful craft

Zen And The Art Of Mindful Crafting

In modern society, we put an awful lot of pressure on ourselves. In this unusual time of pandemic and enforced lockdowns, your health is particularly important to look after and mindful crafting can do this wonderfully. So what exactly is it?

Sewing with zips is quite common, particularly jeans and trousers

Sewing With Zippers

Sewing zippers can be a little daunting at first, though with the right foot for your sewing machine (and the right zip for the project you’re working on), they can be quite straightforward to install.

Sprocket style pincushion

Scrap Busting Projects – Part One

Neither my fabric stash nor my yarn stash is particularly big, but I want to be able to use what I’ve bought to the fullest. So I’ve collected together some ideas to try. I realised while writing this though that there were so many ideas that I was pulling together, this blog post would be an absolute monster, so I’ve split it up. This is part one, the next part(s?) will follow soon.

Basic sewing tools

A Glossary of Sewing Tools

A while back I wrote a glossary of sewing stitches commonly found in patterns and I figured it might be useful to write a similar one for tools.

knitting with natural fibres

Photographing Your Makes – Top Tips

Like many others this September, I’ve been following and posting along with The New Crafthouse’s #sewyourselfsustainable challenge on instagram. One thing I keep noticing is that many people seem to either struggle with taking photos of their makes or they perhaps could simply improve their images with a couple of really easy tips.

My new sewing machine - a Janome GD8100

Choosing the Right Sewing Machine

Ordinarily in the first week of the month, I’d post about what I’ve been making that month. However, troubles with my sewing machine means I’ve pretty much not made anything, so I thought I’d instead talk about machines instead.

Chestnut brown fabric and copper thread go quite nicely together

Sewing Inspiration and Much More: July’s Makes

I’ve not had as much chance to make things this past month; starting to work again for my filmmaking business meant I had less time to sew and crochet, but I’ve still made a couple of things.

Planning projects to make ahead of time

Planning Your Makes

I’m usually reasonably organised and can plan my work ahead of time to ensure I’m being as efficient as I can be. But for some reason, when it comes to sewing and crochet, planning ahead is something I tend to struggle with.