Making menswear is getting easier as more designers produce great patterns

Making Menswear: Finding Men’s Patterns

There’s a wealth of wonderful patterns out there for women, teens and even children, but sadly fashion as a whole seems to ignore part of the population. Male and masculine bodies still need clothing, so why are there less options for making clothes to suit them than there are for female and feminine bodies?

If the yarn in your stash isn't eco-friendly, don't throw it away

What is eco-friendly yarn?

There are lots of things that need to be considered when looking for a sustainable yarn to knit or crochet with.

Can Sustainable Clothing Help Global Equality?

To learn more about how sustainable clothing can help look after the people in fashion’s supply chains as well as the environment, I recently had the pleasure of chatting to Karen Adams, founder of Kaia Clothing.

What’s Wrong With Recycled Polyester?

Recycled polyester might seem like a good, environmentally friendly solution to fashion’s plastic pollution problem, but there’s still several issues with producing clothing using this material.

slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion in that you buy quality clothes once every so often, rather than cheap clothes regularly

A Guide To ‘Slow Fashion’

You’ve probably heard the term ‘fast fashion’ used a lot – especially in the news over the last few months. But have you heard of ‘slow fashion’? What even is slow fashion, and for that matter, why is fast fashion so bad?

Sustainable haberdashers may have initatives such as planting trees for each order

What Makes A Sustainable Haberdasher ?

Making your own clothes has seen a huge resurgence during the pandemic as many people have looked to crafts to keep them busy and aid their mental health. Among those of us who were already making, there’s been a lot of talk about becoming more sustainable in choosing the materials we use, but what about the tools we all take for granted?

You can shop for sustainable clothes on the high street, if you know where to look

How To Source Affordable Sustainable Clothes

If you’re new to the sustainable lifestyle, one of the most appealing aspects of living life without waste and reducing your resource impact is almost certainly an economic one. By making choices based on quality and ecological impact, you often inherently choose items that are designed to last or can be easily fixed.

There are times where you might choose to use superwash wool, or perhaps choose to swap for another washable alternative

What Is Superwash Wool?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about whether wool is a sustainable material to craft with and I deliberately didn’t go into superwash wool in that post, as I felt it needed a separate explanation. So here we are!