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Looking for our sustainable sewing items in the store? Head over there now. Sewing is at the heart of the haberdashery shop at The Habderdasher Bee. here is a collection of all our specifically-sewing posts.

Sustainable haberdashery can be as simple as using vintage buttons or sorting through your button collection, rather than buying new plastic buttons

Haberdashery and sustainable sewing

Lots of sewists want to be more sustainable and are focused on great projects which make a conscious effort to choose more sustainable fabrics. So why is haberdashery overlooked in the quest to be more sustainable?

Keeping your wardrobe manageable is hard. Making clothes can easily mean it gets out of control and you have more garments than you actually wear

The one-in-one-out approach to making clothes

Keeping your wardrobe manageable is hard. Making clothes can easily mean it gets out of control and you have more garments than you actually wear, it’s easy to fall into the trap of owning more and more clothes.

Marking notches is especially important on curved seams

Starting A New Hobby Sustainably

When starting a new hobby it can be difficult to justify spending a lot of money – and for good reason. So how do you start a new hobby sustainably?

Holding a destash sale is a great way to sustainably let go of items you no longer want or need

How To Destash Unwanted Fabrics And Yarns

For household decorations, furniture and even clothes, we already have well known options for how to pass on these things to others who want them – but what do you do if it’s fabric or yarn that you no longer want?

Pattern cutting is a skill I've wanted to learn for a while

Pattern Cutting – A New Skill I’m Learning

Many of us who make our own clothes begin to wonder at some point how to design our own patterns. This September, I’m starting a course on pattern cutting and garment construction (while also reading as many books as I can on the subject).

Choosing Sustainable Scissors

Sustainable scissors may not be your first thought when trying to make more eco-friendly choices in sewing your own clothes, but every choice has the potential to be very impactful.

Making menswear is getting easier as more designers produce great patterns

Making Menswear: Finding Men’s Patterns

There’s a wealth of wonderful patterns out there for women, teens and even children, but sadly fashion as a whole seems to ignore part of the population. Male and masculine bodies still need clothing, so why are there less options for making clothes to suit them than there are for female and feminine bodies?

Can Sustainable Clothing Help Global Equality?

To learn more about how sustainable clothing can help look after the people in fashion’s supply chains as well as the environment, I recently had the pleasure of chatting to Karen Adams, founder of Kaia Clothing.