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If you’re either new or more advanced when it comes to crochet, you can stock up now on crochet tools, such as our sustainable crochet hooks. At The Haberdasher Bee haberdashery shop, we’ve organised blogs by theme as well as topic. Welcome to all our posts on crochet! You can find all blog posts across the world of sewing, crafting, making and indeed crochet over on our blog.

Keeping your wardrobe manageable is hard. Making clothes can easily mean it gets out of control and you have more garments than you actually wear

The one-in-one-out approach to making clothes

Keeping your wardrobe manageable is hard. Making clothes can easily mean it gets out of control and you have more garments than you actually wear, it’s easy to fall into the trap of owning more and more clothes.

Marking notches is especially important on curved seams

Starting A New Hobby Sustainably

When starting a new hobby it can be difficult to justify spending a lot of money – and for good reason. So how do you start a new hobby sustainably?

Holding a destash sale is a great way to sustainably let go of items you no longer want or need

How To Destash Unwanted Fabrics And Yarns

For household decorations, furniture and even clothes, we already have well known options for how to pass on these things to others who want them – but what do you do if it’s fabric or yarn that you no longer want?

Starting a new hobby like knitting can be daunting, but give yourself plenty of time to learn

Simple Swaps For Sustainable Knitters & Crocheters

Knitting and crocheting are crafts which have been around for centuries, so you’d think that perhaps we might already know how to keep our crafting footprint down. Sadly, in the 20th century we lost much of that knowledge in order to make way for innovation.

Making menswear is getting easier as more designers produce great patterns

Making Menswear: Finding Men’s Patterns

There’s a wealth of wonderful patterns out there for women, teens and even children, but sadly fashion as a whole seems to ignore part of the population. Male and masculine bodies still need clothing, so why are there less options for making clothes to suit them than there are for female and feminine bodies?

If the yarn in your stash isn't eco-friendly, don't throw it away

What is eco-friendly yarn?

There are lots of things that need to be considered when looking for a sustainable yarn to knit or crochet with.

There are times where you might choose to use superwash wool, or perhaps choose to swap for another washable alternative

What Is Superwash Wool?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about whether wool is a sustainable material to craft with and I deliberately didn’t go into superwash wool in that post, as I felt it needed a separate explanation. So here we are!

Crafting without plastic is becoming easier as more businesses are committed to being more sustainable

A Guide To Crafting Without Plastic

In the crafting world, plastic is everywhere – from product packaging and plastic tools to materials which contain plastics (and often aren’t clearly labelled as such). So how do you go about crafting without plastic?

Most people think of sheep when they think of wool, but they aren't the only wool-producing animals

Is Wool A Sustainable Material To Craft With?

How do you know if the materials you’re choosing are more or less sustainable than ones you were previously using? This question comes up a lot when discussing whether wool is a sustainable material or not, so I thought I’d take a look into it.