Stiletto Awl

Featuring a sustainably sourced beech handle and replaceable awl blade
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My stiletto awls are lovingly created from sustainably sourced steamed beech. Each awl blade can be stored inside the handle for safe keeping - if you have little ones or curious furry friends around, this is an especially useful feature. Simply pull the blade out and turn it around. This is possible due to brass tubing inside the handle plus rubber rings along the shaft of the blade. It also means that when your awl blade becomes dull, you can replace just the blade rather than the entire tool.

As wood is a natural product, the grain ensures no two awl handles will ever look identical.

Please note that all awls are shipped with the blade safely stowed inside the handle (as shown in the photos) to prevent injury to you upon opening or any postal staff, should the package containing your awl get damaged during shipping.

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