Natural Cork Clothing Labels

Sustainable labels let everyone know you're proud of making your own clothes
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Sustainable clothing labels let everyone know you've made your clothes, and you're proud of it too! These labels are made from laser engraved natural cork fabric, a renewable material which is naturally water repellent (making it perfect for washing). No two labels will look the same due to the natural pattern of the cork.

You can sew your labels onto your makes using a leather sewing needle, or you can punch holes in them in order to use yarn or rivets to attach them to your items. This product is an assorted pack of labels, containing one each of "Handcrafted", "I made this" and "One of a kind". All three labels are 60x15mm in size.

About Cork

Cork is harvested from the Cork Oak which grows in Mediterranean forests - outer layers of bark are harvested from the living tree, one of the few tree species in the world which can survive having its bark removed. Only a specified amount can be harvested at any one time by experts and the trees must be allowed to regenerate before being harvested again, usually this is 9 to 12 years between harvests. As the tree lives for approximately 200 years and can be harvested multiple times during its life, the cork industry can support both local biodiversity and communities.

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