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Gift the crocheter in your life a beautiful pair of crochet hooks, a swatch gauge, a set of stitch markers and cork labels
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Looking for the perfect gift for the crocheter in your life? Look no further than this gift set. Featuring two rosewood and beech handled hooks, a pack of cork labels, a knitting and crochet gauge and a set of bumblebee stitch markers, this gift set is sure to delight.

About the items in this set

The Haberdasher Bee crochet hooks are carefully crafted from sustainably sourced wood. With rosewood shafts and steamed beech tops, they have a touch of class while remaining practical and functional. Whether you're crocheting a simple scarf or a complicated sweater, at 15cm long these hooks are the ideal length for most hands.

My Bumblebee stitch markers are created from sustainably sourced oak and utilise beautiful copper bulb shaped safety pins, ensuring they stay securely in place while you work. At a size of 20mm, they're small enough not to get in the way while you knit or crochet, while also being big enough to spot easily. The markers come in a pack of five, so even if you have multiple projects on the go, you can be sure you'll never lose your place.

Created from sustainably sourced oak, my knitting and crochet swatch gauge features a ruler in both inches and centimetres along the entire length of the gauge for correctly sizing samples. Down the centre of the gauge you can find a set of holes ranging from 3mm to 15mm in diameter and marked in both mm and US sizes for correctly gauging the size of your needles and hooks.

Cork labels are made from laser engraved natural cork fabric, a renewable material which is naturally water repellent (making it perfect for washing).

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