Contrast Knitting Needles

Strikingly beautiful and crafted from sustainable woods
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The Haberdasher Bee's contrast knitting needles are carefully crafted sustainably sourced wood. With rosewood shafts and steamed beech tops, they have a touch of class while remaining practical and functional. Whether you're knitting a simple scarf or a complicated sweater, at 25cm long these needles are the ideal length for most projects.

As wood is a natural product, the grain and colour ensures no two needles will ever look identical - rosewood varies in colour from firey reds to almost black, while beech can vary from a light cream to a rich biscuit colour. Please note however that I can't guarantee what colour variation you may receive and I'm not able to look through the stock for specific colours.

Wood feels lovely to work with, plus it's also a fantastic material for people with arthritis and other hand mobility issues to use, as it's warmer and more pliant than aluminium while also being more forgiving to your hands.

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