7" Paper Scissors

Handmade paper scissors, crafted in the UK
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Established in 1760, William Whiteley & Sons are the oldest scissor manufacturers in Europe. They've spent their entire history proudly forging scissors in Sheffield.

Beautifully hand crafted by experienced craftsmen using traditional techniques, each pair of paper scissors is lovingly made to last you - and your grandchildren - a lifetime. With teflon coated blades, these scissors are perfect for precisely cutting out your patterns. Having a pair of scissors specifically designed for cutting paper also improves the life of your fabric shears, as cutting paper can dull the blades of fabric shears quickly.

These beautiful black scissors are exceptionally lightweight for their size and will look at home in any crafting space. Whiteley's also offer a sharpening service should your scissors get dulled or blunt, so you are always able to get the perfect cut.

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