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Seam Ripper

Featuring a sustainably sourced beech handle and replaceable seam ripper blade
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Brand: The Haberdasher Bee
MPN: 214428116

My seam rippers are lovingly created from sustainably sourced steamed beech. Each seam ripper blade can be stored inside the handle for safe keeping - if you have little ones or some rather curious furry friends around, this is an especially useful feature. Simply pull the blade out and turn it around. This is possible due to brass tubing inside the handle plus rubber rings along the shaft of the blade. It also means that when your seam ripper blade becomes dull, you can replace just the blade rather than the entire tool.

As wood is a natural product, the grain ensures no two seam ripper handles will ever look identical.

Please note that all seam rippers are shipped with the blade safely stowed inside the handle (as shown in the photos) to prevent injury to you upon opening or any postal staff, should the package containing your seam ripper get damaged during shipping.

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The Haberdasher Bee is a sustainable haberdashery supplier and shop. It is currently one of the only sustainable haberdashery stores online in the world, supporting clients including everyone from large crafting companies and craft sample developers, to small family businesses and solo crafters.

About The Haberdashery Shop

Owned by myself, Leanne (you can find out more here), I’m also naturally interested in sustainable haberdashery supply, design, natural dyes and I’m currently building a profile as a sustainable crafts blogger. When I’m not in the studio, I’m probably roaming the wild with my husband, or snuggling up with some homemade goodies and our equally wild(ish) cats. As a small business owner, I appreciate your support as part of a community of independent crafters, designers and suppliers who are also making the change and helping the world to go plastic-free.

The Haberdasher Bee store is made for, and inspired by, the knitters, sewists, crocheters and home crafting communities, as well as the wider textiles market. I also have blog posts across the rest of the website geared specifically for you.

Finding inspiration on The Haberdasher Bee blog

As well as the haberdashery shop, I hope to inspire people to make things in a more sustainable way. Everything that I write for this site including my knitting blog posts, crochet blog posts, sewing blog posts and dyeing blog posts are all available freely. After searching for sustainable haberdashery tools myself – and finding that they were too expensive or poorly made – I decided to try and fix the problem myself by building a business around it! That’s why the sustainable tools supplied here are made to last, and designed to be plastic-free!

I am also active on social media. The Haberdasher Bee is active on Instagram and Pinterest mostly, and also on Facebook from time to time. If you’d like to contact me for any bulk sustainable haberdashery order, you can do so here.