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Welcome to The Haberdasher Bee

Thanks for finding The Haberdasher Bee from Instagram!

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Leanne, the owner of The Haberdasher Bee

You can find numerous haberdasheries on the internet… they’ve been around forever. But The Haberdasher Bee aims to be different: I aim to be sustainable, and to have the best sustainable haberdashery store online. By reading and supporting the blog and store, you’re helping to create a sustainable supply chain which is fighting back against plastic, waste and products that can’t biodegrade so easily. The aims for the haberdashery are simple too – you can find more details about how The Haberdasher Bee operates over on my social responsibility page, which details the business’ aims and current practices. You can also head back to my social channels, like THB’s Instagram page or Pinterest page. Be changing the way we craft, sew, stitch and crochet, together we can go a long way in helping to change the way materials are chosen and used for a huge array of industries where making textile products, counts.

Best of all, though, is that for customers and for blog readers – I want to help you to be as creative as you want to be in a sustainable way, while promoting the use of sustainable haberdashery tools. (And if you’re not using beautiful, sustainable, plastic-free wooden crochet tools, knitting needles and handcrafted scissors and snips believe me, you’re missing out!) Stay up to date with the blog too, as I have many more ideas to share with you, in the near future.