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choosing needles and threads

Choosing The Right Needle And Thread

You’ve chosen your sewing pattern and your fabric to make it from, but what needle might you need for a particular fabric? Ever considered what thread you might use?

Natural fibres come in many different types

Working With Natural Fibres

Natural fibres is a surprisingly broad term for quite a few materials. The better known ones are cotton and linen, though there are a whole range of different natural fibres out there.

colourful fabrics, including those made with artificial fibres

What Are Artificial Fibres?

Artificial fibres is a term for materials which are made by man from naturally occurring substances and are often referred to by brand names or even just the plant they’re derived from.

pile of folded textiles made from synthetic fibres

Should You Use Synthetic Fibres?

While this might sound a little obvious to some, not everyone realises the difference between synthetic and natural fibres – or they may simply not realise which fibres are man made and which are natural.