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scrap projects

Scraptastic Hallowe’en Decorating

It’s entirely possible to have spooktacular decorations for Hallowe’en without the plastic – and what’s better is that many of these are small projects which are great for scrap busting!

Jewellery rolls make lovely Christmas gifts and they're great for using up scraps

Scrap Busting Christmas Gifts

Part three of the scrap project series is here in time for all your last minute Christmas gift making! We’re just two weeks away from the big day now, but that’s still enough time to make some quick projects as stocking fillers and gifts.

Scrap and leftover yarn is useful for projects including Innocent's Big Knit campaign

Scrap Busting Projects For Christmas Decorating

Making things for around the house is a great way to use up offcuts and leftover yarn, turning it into something you’ll use on a regular basis. While many of these makes can be used year round, winter (and Christmas in particular) is the time of year that we spend the most time inside and so it’s possible you’ll get more use from some items in this post during this time.

Sprocket style pincushion

Scrap Busting Projects – Part One

Neither my fabric stash nor my yarn stash is particularly big, but I want to be able to use what I’ve bought to the fullest. So I’ve collected together some ideas to try. I realised while writing this though that there were so many ideas that I was pulling together, this blog post would be an absolute monster, so I’ve split it up. This is part one, the next part(s?) will follow soon.