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Solar dyeing doesn't require much - just a jar for you to dye in and a well lit area to leave it in

Solar Dyeing: A Low Impact Way To Dye

It’s no secret that I have a strong desire to make my life and work more sustainable. This is where solar dyeing comes in.

Experimenting with using natural dyes on undyed natural fibres is extremely fun

Choosing Which Fibres To Use With Natural Dyes

It might seem obvious to assume that natural dyes derived from plants would work best on plant based fibres, but this isn’t always the case. So how do you choose, and how is the process of dyeing different for cellulose and protein fibres?

My sewing plans this year include embroidering onto some of my clothes

Sewing Plans And Crafting Goals For the New Year

This year I want to build upon what I’ve been learning over the past couple of years and see where that takes me! With that in mind, I’ve set out some sewing plans for myself and decided to join in with some sewing challenges on Instagram this month. I also intend to learn some new skills for sewing and crocheting, while developing what I’ve been learning about natural dyeing.

Natural dyeing with logwood

Another Way To Dye

I’ve been doing some more natural dyeing this week and so thought I’d make some recommendations on how to get started if anyone else is interested. I’m by no means an expert, I’m still experimenting and learning, though I can offer some pointers on books, courses and dyes to play with.

Chestnut brown fabric and copper thread go quite nicely together

Sewing Inspiration and Much More: July’s Makes

I’ve not had as much chance to make things this past month; starting to work again for my filmmaking business meant I had less time to sew and crochet, but I’ve still made a couple of things.