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crochet stitches

The crochet charts key from Inside Crochet Magazine

Learning to Read Crochet Charts

I decided to make something for my dad which involves crochet charts, which I’ve never used before. Overall it’s not been as difficult as I thought it might be – it’s simply been a case of ensuring I check and understand what the chart shows before I stitch a row.

Leather working can be a great mindful craft

Zen And The Art Of Mindful Crafting

In modern society, we put an awful lot of pressure on ourselves. In this unusual time of pandemic and enforced lockdowns, your health is particularly important to look after and mindful crafting can do this wonderfully. So what exactly is it?

A pattern I worked on recently using US crochet stitch terms

What’s In A Name – UK vs US Crochet Stitch Terms

Just as there’s differing terms for yarn weight, the UK and US have different crochet stitch terms and it can get incredibly confusing – especially if it’s not clear from the pattern which terminology is being used.