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Marking notches is especially important on curved seams

Starting A New Hobby Sustainably

When starting a new hobby it can be difficult to justify spending a lot of money – and for good reason. So how do you start a new hobby sustainably?

A pattern I worked on recently using US crochet stitch terms

What’s In A Name – UK vs US Crochet Stitch Terms

Just as there’s differing terms for yarn weight, the UK and US have different crochet stitch terms and it can get incredibly confusing – especially if it’s not clear from the pattern which terminology is being used.

Sewing with zips is quite common, particularly jeans and trousers

Sewing With Zippers

Sewing zippers can be a little daunting at first, though with the right foot for your sewing machine (and the right zip for the project you’re working on), they can be quite straightforward to install.

Super chunky yarn balls

Choosing The Right Yarn Weight For Your Project

If you’re new to the world of knitting or crochet, you might be wondering what yarn weight is and which type you need for your project. After getting confused myself, I thought I ought to write a yarn weight guide to help clear up some confusion.


Learning To Read Crochet Patterns

As I’ve only recently started learning to crochet, I initially found it quite difficult to read crochet patterns. I’m still learning, though I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed when I look at a crochet pattern now.

Crochet Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian

What I’ve Been Making During Lockdown

Like many others since the lockdown sparked by Covid-19, I’ve had far more time on my hands to make some of the many things on my sewing list – and no excuses not to make them!

Sewing patterns

A Glossary of Sewing Stitches

When I first started sewing clothes, I didn’t have a clue what many of the stitch types in the pattern were. I find sometimes it’s easier to have everything all together, hence I decided to write this glossary.

Sewing a buttonhole with a sewing machine

Making Buttonholes (And Buttons) Easy

I used to be terrified of sewing buttonholes – to the point where I stressed out so much about them I would almost be in tears just thinking about having to sew them – but actually they can be quite simple with the right foot for your machine and good markings.

The retro Vogue pattern I sewed my wedding dress from

What I Started Making When Learning To Sew

I thought it was about time to start sharing my thoughts about what I’ve been making – which patterns I’ve been working with and anything they’ve taught me.